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About Brown & Company

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My name is Lisa Romain-Brown, and I own Brown & Company, a family-operated producer of natural health and wellness products. I work with my husband, Bob, and a small, hand-picked team to bring you only the highest-quality products on the market.

Bob and I met at a culinary arts college. While I was studying to be a culinary chef,  Bob was on his way to becoming a pastry chef. After graduation, we both worked in food and agriculture, except for owning a janitorial and construction company for a few years in our early 20’s. 

Before launching Brown & Co., I worked as a professional chef and food service manager for over 20 years, not to mention being a proud Mom to the most wonderful and accomplished son any parents could wish for. 

Bob’s exciting career has seen him as a baker, as a construction superintendent building restaurants, owning and running a commercial mushroom farm, and 2 successful commercial hemp farms and oil processing facilities, to name a few of his adventures, in addition to being a Dad to that same terrific son.

Due to our combined experience, we understand the food, manufacturing, and wellness industries from many perspectives. We have used our expertise to benefit those seeking to unlock the power of plants for a more natural and healthy way to manage their physical and emotional well-being. We’re particular about our products because we’re customers too. We manufacture 95% or more of the products we sell, and sometimes we even grow the ingredients! We can’t grow and make every ingredient, but it doesn’t mean we can’t be selective about the source of our ingredients. We use organic ingredients from sustainable sources and reputable suppliers. We have a focus on quality and customer service. We enjoy making products for people that are useful and often life-changing.   

We entered the natural health and wellness world shortly after challenging health concerns and a desire to go clean and natural with our healing journey.

Our CBD is safe, GMO-free, and has zero pesticides.

Because you deserve the best.


From our hemp farmers to our lab technicians, we work together as a family to bring you the best quality CBD solutions the market has yet to see. We are determined to revolutionize the industry by delivering safe, all-natural and effective full spectrum CBD solutions to help combat pain, anxiety, stress, inflammation and more.